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Why choose us?

Why we are the best

Arvin Gostar Salamat Iranian Company has entered the field of importing diagnostic laboratory kits and equipment and reputable pharmaceutical industries from the best brands in the world with a holding view on development, employment and entrepreneurship in the field of diagnosis and community health and also by employing young specialists in this field. .

Qualified team

Specialists in the field of sales and technical support are employed by passing specialized courses in this company.

Competitive Advantage

We are by our customers' side at all times, and considering the sensitivity of this area, we consider it our duty to work and try to help the country's health community.

Awards and honors

1. Obtaining quality management certification
2. Obtaining 10002ISO customer satisfaction certificate
3. Membership in the Association of Laboratory Equipment Suppliers of the country
4. Member of the Medical Equipment Traders Union of the country
5. Member of Iran-China Chamber of Commerce
6. Membership in the Iran-Italy Chamber of Commerce in Iran
Technical specialists
The device is installed

Importance of D-dimer test in the face of Covid-19 disease

Threats to test positive: Coagulation disorders and thrombosis, as well as more lung involvement

Positive patient response

Testing by laboratory with biochemical and coagulation autoanalyzers

Diagnosis of Covid disease 
Request a test by a doctor

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