Platelet aggregation & coagulation factor analyzer Steellex

Characteristics of the semi-automatic coagulation device

Performing a platelet aggregation test by the following method:
  • Photoelectrical Turbidimetric
Performing a coagulation test by:
  • Photoelectrical electromagnetism

  • Fast test with small sample volume
  • It has 3 heating wells for reagents and 16 heating wells for samples
  • Display the temperature of the heating well of the reagents and the heating well of the samples
  • Ability to perform 4 different tests simultaneously
  • Simultaneous display of the results of all 4 channels on the screen
  • Save calibration information, daily results and calculate test results automatically
  • Ability to upload parameters, standard curve and results and print them directly
  • No interference of hemolysis and kernicterus
  • It has LCD screen and thermal printer
  • It has a semi-automatic variable sampler
  • It has a large keyboard screen for quick access to the menu and settings of the device
  • Report results with different units
  • Ability to connect to LIS
  • Dimensions 390mm x 430mm x 120mm (W x L x H) and weight 10 kg.
  • Has CE and ISO13485 certificates and approvals from the General Directorate of Medical Equipment